Medical Scribes & Assistants

Struggling to keep up with documentation in your EMR while seeing patients? CF Staffing Solutions is focusing on providing dedicated medical scribes and administrative medical assistants to healthcare providers.

Our solutions are custom to support healthcare providers delivering top-notch patient care. Additionally, we know the importance of precise and up-to-date documentation. Along with the important requirement for consistent administrative assistance within healthcare environments.

The medical scribes play an important role in capturing real-time documentation during patient encounters. Basically, they work alongside healthcare providers.  Basically medical assistant will be inputting vital information into the electronic medical record (EMR). This includes medical history, medications, immunizations, allergies, and doctor’s notes. Our Medical Assistants always ensure the documentation accuracy and in compliance with legal and regulatory requirements such as HIPAA.

By having a medical assistant, further more healthcare providers can focus on patient care without the burden of time-consuming documentation. The medical scribes and administrative medical assistants can fasten the documentation process. Enabling providers to maximize their efficiency and enhance the overall patient experience.

Our solutions are tailored to support healthcare providers in delivering best patient care.

Additionally, CF Staffing Solutions assists in finding the best dedicated Medical scribes & Assistants. Besides these professionals play a critical role in managing administrative tasks. Of course, authorization requests (PARs) for medications and procedures. They also handle telephone inquiries from patients, physicians, and medicine stores. Particularly, they are providing necessary feedback and sending patients to specialists.

Medical scribes & Assistants ensure that all related reports, labs, and information are properly filed and available in patients’ medical records before their appointments. Additionally they support in organizing and maintaining medical records. It enhances the efficiency of healthcare operations and improves the overall patient journey.

At CF Staffing Solutions, generally we prioritize the confidentiality and security of patient information. We make sure that our candidates are professionals and dedicated to follow the legal and regulatory requirements, including HIPAA, to safeguard patient privacy.