Revenue Cycle Management

Whether you’re a small independent practice or a large, complex healthcare organization, our experienced professionals can optimize your cash flow.

Outsourcing your Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) offers cost efficiency, specialized expertise, and access to advanced technology. It will allow your practice or company  to focus on core activities (patient care), ensure compliance, and provide scalability. The approach improves billing processes, accelerates reimbursements, and enhances patient satisfaction. Additionally, outsourcing will help  mitigate staffing challenges, reduces risks, and fosters continuous improvement in your financial operations.
The Process of Revenue Cycle of CF Staffing Solutions a BPO Company



Enter patient and insurance eligibility.

2. Verification

Verify insurance coverage and pre-authorizations.

3. Check-In

Collect payments and update patient details.

4. Coding

Assign medical codes accurately.

5. Charge Entry

Enter service charges into the system.

6. Claim Submission

Submit claims to insurance companies.

7. Processing

Insurance review, adjudication, and payment determination.

8. Payment Posting

Record payments from insurance and patients.

9. Follow-Up

Monitor and address unpaid or underpaid claims.

10. Patient Billing

Send statements and assist with billing inquiries.

11. Reconciliation

Reconcile payments with expected revenue.

12. Denial Management

Analyze, appeal, and reduce claim denials.

13. Reporting

Generate and analyze performance reports.

14. Patient Follow-Up

Follow up on outstanding balances and set up payment plans.

15. Closure

Close accounts after receiving and processing all payments.